The Option profile is nothing but option pay-off diagram.

Option profile trading is to maintain the pay-off diagram throughout the month. Typically, non-directional (Delta neutral).

Minimum 20Lakh capital required.

No,you only need Option Modeling Software.

Yes, Certainly. The advantages of Option profile trading are, it is non-directional regardless of the market movement, the option profile can be adjusted to stay in the market. However, if there is a big gap down / up more than certain percentage, it will incur loss.

Yes. We predominantly focus on Option profile Adjustments.

Yes. The Option profile system is designed in such a way that it suits all the market conditions. Only scenario that will not work is Huge gap DOWN/UP.

Yes. NIFTY is our primary Monthly Income vehicle.

Yes. Only few systems can handle the BankNifty behaviour

Yes. Only liquid stocks can be traded with Option profile systems.

Yes. We have directional - positional Trading systems.

Yes. However, we don't recommend them to trade regularly.

Yes. After the workshop, Students will be added to the private telegram channel for discussion.