Trendrooster offers One-on-One Options mentorship to ensure that every student makes the most of his or her time and money. Our Preliminary Evaluation test and interviews will help us learn, where you are asa option profile trader. We focus on what you need to learn for your success and to meet your trading goals.

Student should be member of Trendroosters’ Monthly Income models to enrol Mentorship program. All sessions are focused on you, the student. You can feel comfortable in a private, truly One-on-One session. There are many self-study sources to accompany our One-on-One Options Coaching. You'll get access to all of our online content.

Here is what you get with the One-on-One Options profile Mentoring Course:

  1. Initial assessment/consultation to establish your current aptitude and goals
  2. 6 months of unlimited email support
  3. Access to all online video classes (Priceless!)
  4. ...and more

vPOC and HVN