You can learn Structured Option Profile system. If you have decent capital (more than 10 lkh) and wants to generate 3% to 4% income monthly, then this is right place. His various adjustment methodologies will really help in all type of market conditions.

Deepth vp

TrendRooster Option Trading is real peace of mind, no rush & pressure like in intraday, no need to predict market, just manage your profile abiding the rules of system. After all there is a nice forum to seek advise & support. Recommend all who wants to make a career in Options Trading.

Pradeep Cherian

One thing I really liked about Raj's option profile trading system is it's simplicity. Easy to understand and trade with... don't need to worry too much about Greeks parameters. Just follow various rules laid out by Raj in the system.

Jitesh Aggarwal

I am in to trading for more than 10 years, But never seen such kind of system for trading. This is really wonderful system and kind of eye-opener for me. it has given lot of confidence to me. This system is really giving monthly income consistently.


Profile trading strategies of Raj are outstanding... If you want to be a consistently profitable trade, Trendrooster is the right place to be... The in-house private telegram group is a wonderful place to be... The supporting eco system build by Raj is really helpful for novice traders...

Nagarajan Subramanian

Best place to learn option profile system trading .. This concept is not prevalent in India and yet to mature.. Raj is the best person at the moment to learn from .. he provides complete systems(which handles all directions) to learn and trade which is key .. it has been a great experience so far..keep up the good work raj

N Shah

Trendrooster option profile trading systems are very consistent and easily scalable. Support in the chat room is just brilliant. Moreover the systems are highly versatile and effective for various market conditions, instruments and regions.

Hiren Salvi

I am very happy to be part of Trendrooster family. Very useful Option Profile System taught by Sir Raj, everyone u trade options must learn advanced Profile System!!.. Thank You.

Rajainder S

Trendrooster's option trading system is awesome. Any body looking for consistent income should join. Workshops are conducted on regular basis and live support is provided. Congratulations Raj for developing robust systems.

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