About Trendrooster


Trendrooster is an exciting new options education & training company that seeks to decisively raise the bar on index options trading in the country. Trendrooster’s proprietary systems empower retail traders with superior skills and tested techniques earlier available only to the cream of the options trading fraternity.

Founded by Mr. Rajasekaran , a mechanical engineer by profession, an MBA from the University of Hull (UK), and a uniquely gifted options trader, Trendrooster redefines Indian options trading using powerful, scalable and skillfully calibrated adjustments designed to capture optimal profit, while effectively managing risk

Mr. Rajasekaran has held senior and responsible positions in multinational corporations, and travelled widely, before finally turning his full attention to his passion which always was option trading. He has lived and operated out of Singapore – Asia’s financial hub – for over a decade, and has had the opportunity to trade, and hone his skills trading options, commodities and foreign exchange in various international markets including the United States, Australia, and Singapore.

Trendrooster through a series of well-conceived workshops, and webinars, imparts bleeding-edge option training and trading methodologies, especially constructed for the Indian market, both to individuals, and to corporate groups. On completion of training, traders have access to a live trading room, where Mr. Rajasekaran actively mentors, while many of his senior students voluntarily assist, new traders through the complexities of their early trades. The regard and affection that Mr. Rajasekaran’s students have for him is on abundant display, and attests to his genuine commitment to their enduring success.

Commit to your trading success by joining Trendrooster’s rapidly growing band of profitable and delighted traders NOW!